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I snagged the first one on the Steam sale for like 6 bucks. I have Demon's Souls on PS3 but didn't play it more than an hour. I'm sure I'd love these games but DS2 is going to have to wait for bargain bin treatment as well. I'm a little obsessive about playing stuff in order, so even though I suppose Demon's Souls is technically a different franchise I feel like I need to start there.

Right now I'm so addicted to Titanfall the backlog is only getting longer. I just looked up the developer since I never got into these Souls games and wanted a little more background. They did King's Field? I loved that game back in the day. Got stuck though and never finished. I'm glad they stayed afloat and seem to have perfected that style of RPG. My interest is definitely a bit more piqued now than when I loaded up this thread.
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