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Re: Do you think LotR holds up?

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Yeah, these films are ancient. Time for them to be remade.
Well, there's a difference between an "adaptation" and a "remake". Every version of "Romeo and Juliet" isn't a "remake", it's a new adaptation of the play. A new "ET" would be a "remake".

Personally I could care less about new adaptations or remakes. That isn't the problem, it's bad adaptations and remakes.

The "Maltese Falcon" had three versions done over the course of twelve years, each film made six years apart. Thank god people had a different mindset when it came "remakes" or we might not have gotten one of the great films of cinema. Which was the THIRD version. And it was made despite the first version being a success at the theater.

And this is really the difference between today's film goers and yesterdays. They didn't care.
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