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Re: History of Starfleet/Starfleet register project

It wouldn't be named Stalingrad. The city's name is Volgograd.

As for the colonies, what claims are they making exactly? Why are they fighting for the space? I think you are underestimating the huge size of space and resources available. If, for example, 10000 colonists settle Wolf 359, and 10000 settle Ross 154, why would those from Ross grab a transport, arm it with weapons, fly several months to years towards Wolf and attack those there?

It's like saying Jamestown colonists built a ship and went to Australia because they staked claim to another continent besides America. Human colonists in 22nd century would have a whole solar system to tame, and it would take them a long time to do that. They would probably have basics for living and it would take a long time before they would look into neighboring system for resources they already have plenty of at home.
There might be a simple conflict between individuals or companies, but fights for territory akin to westward expansion of American colonies? I just don't buy it.
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