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Re: The Breen Attack On Earth

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I don't remember any mentions of Earth having planetary shields. The largest object I remember hearing having a shield was Ty'Gokor and it was a planetoid. Even then you could question whether they meant the entire planetoid was protected by the shield or jut the Klingon military HQ on the surface.
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When has Earth ever had a shield? Or any defences of any kind?
It doesn't have to be spelled out for the viewer, but assuming that there are no shields is crazy. Those shots from torpedos would destroy the entire city, or do you guys think that 2.5 kg of antimatter is equivalent of 500 lb airplane bomb as shown in that episode?

That was just bleed-through damage, all Breen were annihilated in what amounted to a suicide attack.

Betazed had defenses, there is no way Earth wouldn't. We even see the Earth security network in Homefront.
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