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Re: History of Starfleet/Starfleet register project

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I don't want fans making their own entries. This isn't modifiable for anyone but me. I don't want them rated, scaled & the like. But you're right: a lot of designs ARE ass-tastic, even some of my own older ones.

When I say "everything", I don't mean all designs like Jim Stevenson or James Dixon. I'm selective. Actually, I'm right now compiling some designs, & there are at the moment 48 classes (out of 168) that still needs designs assigned to them; most are alien Foundation ships. This is my universe, my history, as Masao has done, as others have done. It's based on canon first.

Honestly, the data doesn't change all that much (unless I get to fiddling). I've uploaded a teaser PDF of the first 20 pages, which is 840 ships, to give an idea of what the data looks like.
One of those sheets has Stalingrad as a ship class, I dont' think it would be called that in the future - just a small note.

Anyways, I skimmed through the teaser, but didn't have to really read it thoroughly. I will tell you I didnt' really like the Manifest destiny section, colonies fighting over resources and all that is not realistic to me. Once you are there, there is no point of fighting a territorial war 2 and a half light years away with another system. You've seen what colonies look like in TNG, they wouldn't be much different in other eras.
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