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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

By going along for the ride, you seem to be blithely referring to what more than a few observers have described as an overwhelmingly poignant yet ultimately nihilistic accounting of a voyage, which can be slagged off by some as doppelgangers simply returning to their origins, but seems to this viewer as heroic in the intensity and substance of a collective life fully lived. I think that the continuation of the Silvers' story, telscoped as it is in the episode, is so compelling that the near total absence of the Originals, except as the last means to have these characters' existence remembered at all, is very, very welcome.

Thinking further though, one could certainly say they left their mark if by nothing other than their own interactions with DQ civilizations, the consequence of which impact we have no way of knowing. It is interesting to think of encounters that both ships might have had in common and how that would have been processed by those dealing with the visits as well as to speculate on the circumstances that allowed the Silvers to successfully develop the technology that got them so far ahead of Voyager Mk.1.

It also has bothered me that when Tuvok (IIRL) lists the trace elements remaining when Voyager arrives, no on has a spark of recognition, as in "hey that particular combination sounds familiar as in EXACTLY THE CONSTITUTION OF A LIFE FORM WE HAD A PRETTY SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE WITH BEFORE"!!!!(albeit years before). If for no other reason, than it seems unlikely that this brew is not likely to be the signature residue found at the site of any spacecraft apparently blown to smithereens. But.... I guess even the hint that Voyager would ever even have the possibility of putting two and two together would negate the inescapably non-redemptive theme of this exercise.
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