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^ For the Quarrian/Geth thing, I think that even if Tali is an Admiral and you saved the other Admiral before you do the reaper base, you still need to have a high enough paragon or renegade rep to get the "shout at people till they comply" options.

I just did that bit with my engineer and I had *both* red and blue options available despite the fact she's 90% renegade. I had intended to let Tali kill herself, but it occured to me I'd not seen how Tali reacts if you're romancing Garrus, so I went with reconciliation...even if that weren't the case, I'm not sure I could even go ahead with it. I mean I also just killed Wrex too...that was a first for me and it was surprisingly difficult.

I also just played through the Omega DLC again and I'd forgotten just how annoying an experience it was. Don't get me wrong, from a gameplay standpoint it's very well put together. Very good level design, nice variety and some innovative gameplay. However, it's totally contained nature makes the whole thing feel like Shepard hit her head and dreamt the whole thing.

Nothing changes. Even Aria appears back exactly where she was on the Citadel, with just one line of dialogue and a cabin memento to acknowledge what just happened. Nyreen was a total missed opportunity. I can accept that there were technical and budgetary limitations that prevented her from being a recruitable squadmate, but I still think they squandered her. Hell, you never even get to address her death with Aria!

All through the interactions between the two, the game pretty much hits you over the head with the concept that Aria= renegade, Nyreen= Paragon. Both seem to be vying for leadership of Omega and the natural way to go seems to be that at some point, you're going to have to either choose between them, or find some compromise to get them working together. But instead her arc takes a 90 degree turn into her phobia with dealing with adjutants that ends with her unceremonious and blatantly forced suicide.

Add to all that the fact you don't get Omega as a new hub, the sloppy, often broken cutscenes, the total absence of squadmate interactions, or even reactions...yeah. Very frustrating.

That last bit wouldn't be so bad if at least it made sense. "I don't approve of some of the company you keep." What does that even mean? Does she know Garrus was Archangel? Why would that even matter? Does she think Liara is working for the Shadow Broker? Why not just say so?
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