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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

I just watched S02-D "Ashes" which is now scheduled for a March 25th release. It's in terrific shape; the cast and crew did a phenomenal job with this pathos-inspiring vignette.

S02-C "Second Contact" will be released toward the end of April, possibly with a special premiere showing at Trek Trax Atlanta. Kenneth Thomson is working on the planet-side VFX for this episode while Chris Cameron is working on the space-based VFX. It should end up being a very special episode.

S02-E "Beach Towel" is virtually complete. Steve Gallant is currently working on the sound and music, and we think folks are going to be very pleased with this tribute to the animated Star Trek series. This production will be released in May.

S02-F "Shovel of Kahless" is nearing completion. Kenneth Thomson will be supplying the planet-side VFX while Chris Cameron is again supplying the spaced-based VFX for this follow-up to "Beach Towel." All we ask is that no one talks about that broom after we release it in June.

S02-G "Command Decision" is getting there as well. Mark Berge has completed the space-based VFX. Rick Foxx has performed the color correction, and I am working slowly and surely toward implementing the panel animations for the many bridge stations that appear in the episode. Expected release: July.

S02-H "Just Once" is in the capable hands of Rick Foxx. It's another episode shot on our first bridge set, and is an ironic story to be sure. Kenneth Thomson will be handling the space-based VFX for this production. Anticipated release: August.

S02-I "Red Sky at Night" is one of those very special tales, one inspired by a piece of artwork, no less! Artist Sean Mulkey provided the background artwork for the planet surface, which will be augmented with VFX. This is one you should be looking forward to! We're releasing this vignette in September.

S02-J "Closing Time" is getting an audio facelift. We're in the process of doing some ADR work for the production which will fix the problems we encountered while filming, editing, producing and releasing this vignette over the weekend of Trek Trax Atlanta 2013. We will re-release this improved version in October.

I should have another update tomorrow or Sunday on Season 3 which starts in November!
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