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Re: Reign - The CW

Last night was so schizophrenic. We had a surprisingly amusing black comedy with Henri and Catherine, interspersed with a 16th-century afterschool special about back alley abortions.

Lola's pregnancy wasn't a surprise from the moment she came out and said the dress was too small. Mary's naive reaction to the pregnancy was amusing -- and surprisingly in historical character (Mary was bright but not especially sharp) -- and I'm curious to see how far Reign pushes that.

Bash, oh Bash. The most sympathetic character on the series, frankly, and he's left to flail against the unfairness of life. Dude, you're a royal bastard. Life isn't fair for royal bastards -- and when Henri dies before too long you're going to find out that life really isn't fair. The best thing for him, frankly, would be to go to Scotland. He'd be out of Francis' reach there, and he could make himself useful to Mary de Guise. Of course, now he has Hot Hunter Woman to keep him company, so long as Jealous/Overprotective Brother doesn't do anything stupid. Rowan/Hot Hunter Woman is apparently a recurring character, so maybe Bash will stick around.

I completely forgot who Olivia was; she's Francis' ex-girlfriend.

And the utter lunacy of Henri and Catherine pinning the "suicide" of the Archduke's sister on the dead priest... Oh, I should have rolled my eyes at it, but it was too silly!

Also, since when did Bohemia have a fleet? It's a landlocked region and always was.
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