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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

Not sure which TOS budget thread this should be in, but here goes. I know the percentage of the budget for TOS in terms of VFX to overall cost was much higher than TNG (early TNG eps were budgeted for something like 75-80 grand for VFX out of 1.2 mil!), but based on something I saw in an old CFQ interview with John Dwyer, it sounds like it was MUCH higher on average than even I thought. Was wondering if HARVEY or anybody else has good numbers that support or don't support Dwyer's claims.

In the 30th anniversary issue of that mag, Dwyer says 40 grand of each show went to opticals. (he also says 30%, which is plainly crazy, hence my query as to the veracity.) Now this number DOES support the notion that THOLIAN WEB had a ninety grand optical bill as Minor reports in ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS, whereas a lot of folks have since thought Minor meant THOLIAN cost NINETEEN grand more than pattern.

Dwyer does report the decorating budget on TOS as $500 per show, which fits with what I've seen elsewhere.

Anyway, just curious to see how legit these numbers are, relative to what has surfaced in the intervening years.
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