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My other Shepherds may have done things a little more interestingly, or efficiently in terms of upgrades and character builds. They may be classes that I found more fun to play as--first time though, I have no clue what a "sentinel" or a "vanguard" was, so I stuck with the boring familiar soldier--and they may not have made as many "mistakes", but that first Shepard will always be my *definitive* one and who's save file I fully intend to import again into ME4 if at all possible.
That's my opinion as well. Benedict Shepard was ugly, he let the Council die because he thought it would make the fight against Sovereign easier, he got Thane killed by failing to understand how the vent sequence worked, he murdered Mordin and was later forced to murder Wrex, he failed to achieve peace between the Quarians and the Geth (which I still don't understand as I had all of the requirements for peace), but he was my definitive Shepard. He spared the Rachni twice, he got the rest of the SR-2 crew off the Collector base, he saved the Collector base (which I will once again point out awards 10 more EMS points than destroying it ), he destroyed the Reapers, somehow survived (which I'm actually disappointed by), and he punched Khalisah al-Jilani twice.

I had 4 characters ready to import into ME3 when it released: my definitive character, anti-definitive, pure paragon, and pure renegade. I finished off the fourth run about a month ago. I want to do at least one more run through the entire trilogy with an eclectic collection of choices, but I probably wont do that until later this year, or maybe next.
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