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Re: Reset... Energize...

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We all remember the line in TOS' "Obsession"

[On the surface of Tycho IV, Kirk and Garrovick stand a meter away from the Cloud Creature as it tries to assimilate Kirk's anti-matter bomb]

Now! Energize and detonate!

[Kirk and Garrovick dematerialize, just as the bomb explodes]

[In the Enterprise's Transporter Room, Scott operates the Transporter Mechanism as Spock assists and McCoy looks on. Kirk and Garrovick weakly begin to materialize, then fade away. Something is obviously wrong with the materialization process.]

Reset. Energize.
But what does that mean? If Kirk and Garrovick do not materialize, doesn't that mean they were lost? They certainly did not re-integrate at their point of origin, awaiting a second beam-up.

Compare this to TMP, when Sonak was killed. Nobody could hit the reset button then.

Any thoughts on how to reconcile this?
If I remember correctly from TMP, the Enterprise was not getting enough signal on its pads, and when the signal tried to reintegrate at Star Fleet, what managed to reform was not your case above, I think they were lost...
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