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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 4 discussion/spoilers

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Can't say I'm big on that one. Not keen on conspiracy theorist types and not sure what he's going to really bring.
My guess is that they want to cater to the dude-bro crowd in love with idiots like Edward Snowden. So they got rid of poor Kamekona for this guy?

There were some concerns that moving to Friday night would be the kiss of death but I guess it's doing okay.
Perhaps the declining viewership by young people and the lack of competition has made it possible for a show to survive on Friday night at 9:00.

Though this season has seemed a bit off to me for some reason. Perhaps it had something to do with the Adam/Kono B story from the first part of the season. I know they had to do due to Grace Park's pregnancy but by the end I wished the Yakuaza would just do away with the pair of them.
I want her to come back and be a part of the team as Kono, but I guess that will be impossible if Park is taking care of a baby.
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