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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Eh, but the entire bunch of characters in "The Walking Dead" have learned to do head shots pretty easily and quickly. They're all pros at it this point to where it becomes pretty silly that they can't make a head-shot when they need to! (Like when fighting The Governor's and his men.) Hell, even Carol is capable of making headshots when they first cleared out the prison yard!

So, regardless of real-world training, it seems head-shots aren't likely what held the military back.
Wow, strongly disagree. It's taken them a good 18 months to turn into headshot experts. That is just radically different from your expectation that people should have turned into headhsot experts in the first 12-18 hours of the ZA.

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Two pages back I asked for a plausible scenario in which the ZA could have happened considering our enormous military budget and overwhelming superiority to them technologically.

Someone gave one - most people went AWOL to be with their families when the shit started. Makes sense to me.
Keep in mind that when this all started, they were not fighting zombies. They were helping "sick" people. And a bunch of police and nurses and doctors probably got bit and then kept on working. And then within a few hours they were infecting other people.

Think about how many millions of folks' last words were something along the lines of "calm down now, lets talk about this". (Or at least their last words before being bitten.)

By the time folks realized what was going on and how serious the problem was, more than half the population could have already fallen.

Generally, when people get sick, the first thought is to help them, not to kill them.
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