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Re: HD Guru Reveals 2014 UHDTV and HDTV Pricing!

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Blu-ray can do 4K just fine. Blu-ray supports multiple video formats at various resolutions, including ones above 1080p. But the future is going to be streaming because it's infeasible to store anything bigger than 4K on a Blu-ray disc, and it doesn't look like anyone is investing in optical disc technology to supersede Blu-ray. After how costly the last format war was, can't say I blame anyone for not wanting another. On top of that, the data involved has simply exploded in size to the point where we just can't keep up with optical discs anymore. Blu-ray's not even been on the market for 8 years and it's already nearing the end of its useful life due to advancing technology. I just don't think it's economical anymore, and for most people broadband Internet service is now fast enough to handle some pretty high resolutions. As I mentioned above, Netflix will bring 4K streaming to its service soon, and others are sure to follow suit.
4K streams from Netflix are said to require 15 Mbps download speed. I don't know about you, but we'd have to upgrade our home internet.
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