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Re: HD Guru Reveals 2014 UHDTV and HDTV Pricing!

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So hang on, this is a resolution beyond what even Blu-Ray can store, right? Is there some even-bluer-ray on the way? Or are all the upgrades in resolution coming via streaming, from now on?
Well, with regards to Blu-ray or some successor to Blu-ray, the fact is we don't know yet what the industry is going to settle on. So, for now, we're seeing UHD/4K/2160p streaming, courtesy primarily of Netflix. For example, "House of Cards" is going to be offered in 4K, as is "Breaking Bad". The smart thinking is that we'll become more and more reliant on internet-delivered content this time around, as terrestrial TV stations being too slow to react to rebuild their infrastructure once again, after "just" having done so 8 years ago for HDTV (broadcast TV STILL hasn't upgraded to 1080p, for example). They're not moving fast enough to remain relevant, so the internet seems like it will win this time around.

The question becomes then - what of 8K? Will internet delivery to cement its lead in content, or will terrestrial TV learn this lesson and redouble their upgrade efforts for the successor of 4K - 8K? Noone who knows is talking, but it's fun to speculate. Or will some holographic delivery system replace flat panels as we know them?
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