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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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A greenlight gets a series out of development and into production. In other words, this is the first miniseries they've actually ordered into production since 2009.
Right, and the other three have been in development since before now, meaning since at least 2009, no?
No, you're missing the point. "Greenlighted" does not mean "put into development" as you're assuming. As OOMVM said, it means taken out of development and actually put into production. "Development," in case it's unclear, means exploring the idea on paper only -- series outline, pilot script, episode premises, concept art, etc. "Production" means the process of getting it onto the screen -- staffing, casting, building sets, making props and costumes, and actually filming episodes.

Thus, Syfy has put several miniseries into development since 2009, but it has not greenlighted a miniseries for production until now.
Ah, OK, thanks.

I thought I had seen the terminology of "Greenlighted for Development" used for Pilot Considerations
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