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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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...and while guns of a certain make are cookie-cutter, in the world of zombies, where supplies/weapons are limited, Joe's group might notice the weapon in Rick's possession as being the one carried by the now-dead member.

If the group runs into/captures Rick, they might test Daryl's loyalty by demanding that he kill Rick or Carl...rape other words, something stomach turning. Of course, Daryl will try to find a way out for himself and his friends, and with that, a possible part of a season cliffhanger, while the other prison refugees encounter their own nightmares at Terminus.

Do you think the car was heading for Terminus, and that the driver has...odd taste in....meat?
You guys actually cannot stop yourselves from posting's like some strange kind of OCD.

Yes, everyone is impressed you read the comics.
That didn't sound like a spoiler to me. I thought it was all speculation of what's been seen so far and what may happen.
It is.
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