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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Still bugs me that nobody ever replies to the questions I raise on the subject, but I'll forego that in favor of asking exactly how long Tuvix does exist, since I haven't watched the episode in forever.

I think it might have been a stronger episode if they'd upped the stakes by making it a month instead of a week. Though the fact that the episode generates this much debate speaks well for its strength...or the persistence of people here.
It had been a month.

The writers thought that was long enough for Tuvix to establish himself and appreciate his life.

The entire crew was halved in deadlock, and two Janeways first plan was stick themselves back together until it wasn't and they should both fly free.

For a moment, both Janeways agreed on their immediate destruction to create a super composite of themselves, to Tuvix everyone, their ship and everyone aboard her... Which would have amalgamated Naomi with a corpse and killed the still living version of her obviously, was a fantastic idea.

Sam would have bludgeoned her with a hyperspanner.
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