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Re: If Suder had lived, would he have to do Pon Farr now?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Let me explain more clearly...

Pon farr is an eruption from having a perfectly orderly Vulcan mind for Seven years.

Tuvok hammered at Suder's mind until it was perfectly Vulcanly orderly.

Suder has the strength of a Vulcan Mind, but does he have it's weaknesses?

Is this the physiological consequence or manifestation of the influence of highly disciplined mental abilities on a strictly biological imperative? If not, it would seem that the only possibility of transference to a non-Vulcan would be if a bond were in effect while Pon Farr was actually occuring a la Blood Fever.

This is likely idle speculation however, as I have seemed to misplaced my copy of the Kir'Shara amongst other important volumes.
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