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Re: Do you think LotR holds up?

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Why wouldnt it hold up?? Its the timeless story people seem to love with great production values. No brainer classic.
Well, it's a fair question. Style, design, production values, and so forth, can date a film pretty quickly.

Matrix already came up in this thread. I recently watched it again and was amazed at how bad it was. A big bag of pseudo-philosophical hot air. And the style and design... I couldn't stop cringing at those uber-serious guys with sunglasses in the dark and their leather outfits. Oh boy. But back then, I could be quoted saying "It's a piece of art!" No it isn't, it really is ridiculously stupid trash.
Oh theres certainly some pseudoscientific gobbledygook in it but generally, it is still top notch production, copied greatly to this day, and not remotely dated at all. In fact, Taken as a whole,its still the single most realistic all-encompassing vision of the future yet seen. Most other futuristic movies take bits and pieces of future speculation to fashion a story, Matrix doesnt skimp.
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