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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 89: Springing Forward

TFTMLA, Smellincoffee!

Ooh, skant!

Bashir: So Nog listens for the beer man, Sisko barks nonsense at sportscasters, Kira knuckles her balls, and what do I do again?
O'Brien: You explain to Worf that he can't actually kill the ump.
Bashir: Even when it's honorable?
O'Brien: Even when it's honorable.

Bashir: I'm sorry, sir. He's got - the space diabetus.
O'Brien: WHAT?!
Bashir: I love doing that.

Sloan: Have you heard the good news? Can I tell you the good news? About cheeses?
Bashir: Do what now?

Winn: And the Emissary never told Odo they all use his bucket on long runabout trips!
Dukat: Eew! Wait - I thought it was only human religion that uses confessionals?
Winn: Tell them that!

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