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Re: will there be a new star trek game for 50th anniversary?

I've lost track of when the last successful Star Trek game was made... the late 1990s? Whenever Bridge Commander came out.

So I vote for no. Let's not do this again. Obviously a great Star Trek game cannot be done anymore with the limitations of the new gaming model: force users to play online, suck the money out of them on a pay-to-play basis. This is for PC and mobiles. As for consoles, I certainly enjoyed Legacy but most everyone hated it and with a few minor tweaks it could have been an excellent game... but something's wrong. The really creative, open world concept is not working for console ports. Instead they're cranking out (phoning in) titles like last year's movie pre Into-Darkness game... if that's the caliber of the offering then I prefer the relative silence like the last decade or so. It's dead, Jim.

Most games now are way too dependent on the story to offer any real value of open world exploration. And for a title like Star Trek, that's ridiculous. Exploration is at the core of the franchise. If Mass Effect can get it done, why not Star Trek? Laziness. Complacency. Shareholders. Gone are the days when a single player driven story could hold countless possibilities. Now, the single player mode trains the player for multiplayer mode - which often disappoints.

Someday we'll have a great Trek game but it'll be in the hands of indie developers and collaborators at no profit. For instance:EGA Trek. I dumped hours (days?) into playing this back in the days when you were pimpin' with a 386. Anyone else enjoy this gem? A radical combat/exploration masterpiece using ascii characters only and completely free from Paramount's licensing grip. I'd gladly do away with the theme song and trademarked characters if the game actually allowed me to feel like I was exploring the galaxy, beaming down to planets and performing missions, etc.
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