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Re: Do you think LotR holds up?

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Mach5 wrote:
It's a fucking typo, dude.
No, it isn't. It's what is called an error of ignorance. A typo, or typographical error, is a misspelling caused by fingers accidentally hitting the wrong keys. ( You know, like when you're trying to write the word "Ring" and your finger shoots all the way over to the "S" instead of hitting, say, the "F" key or the "D" key. )

What makes "Fellowship of the Rings" obviously wrong is familiarity with the plot: specifically the fact that the Fellowship had absolutely nothing to do with any of the other rings.
There's no "F" or "D" in Ring?

If you hit S, when intending to hit F or D, while typing Ring, that's far more than a typo.
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