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Re: Star Trek, the Pinball, and how dumb I am

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Where did you play the pinball game at?
Oh, that was at Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, an arcade of a kind --- it's also got a lot of automata and mechanical gizmos, plus (apparently) P T Barnum's fake Cardiff Giant --- in Farmington Hills, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit).
I've been meaning to check this out. Tried once a while back but couldn't find it lol, I thought maybe it was gone but I guess I'll have to look again.
It's tricky finding. We had to cast around some time too. The catch is the arcade is tucked into the alleyway between two blocks of mall. If you find the pizza place (I think it's a California Pizza Kitchen) and look to its left, there's the alley way and a big clock signpost connecting that structure to the one beside it. Go underneath that and back like a hundred feet and you'll find it on the right.
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