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Re: Lost Girl season 4

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BTW, after 4 seasons, they've finally starting putting out some rudimentary official merchandise:
The T shirt that says "Team Bo"... does that mean Bo "with" herself...
I keep hoping they'll somehow figure out a way to do an episode with 2 Bos at once.

Or maybe they're talking about who they want Lauren to end up with. In which case, we really need "Team Crystal" & "Team Morrigan" shirts too!

I'd really like to get a Kenzi shirt but I think it would just be wierd for a guy to be walking around in a Kenzi shirt. (People already give me a hard enough time with the girl on my Les Miserables t-shirt.)

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Bruce is back. If this show gets another season, I hope they make him a regular.
Agreed. Maybe not a regular regular. But I certainly wouldn't object to seeing more of him. Anyone who loves Kenzi is alright in my book.

BTW, part of me wants the Kitsune to come back for an episode, just so that they can use the episode title "What Does the Fox Fae?"
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