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Re: Is Microsoft Planning To Dump Xbox?

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Microsoft did make a profit on the 360, but the RROD controversy and multi-billion dollar loss from the original Xbox took its toll on Microsoft. Overall Microsoft is still a few billion in the red with the Xbox division and given the poor reception of the Xbone them reaching the black any time this decade is highly unlikely.
Good point, though the PS3 didn't fare so well in the beginning until it gained traction and managed to even the tide, so if they're careful, they could end up doing the same.

Also, the 360 didn't dominate the last generation. It was outsold by the Wii and 3DS and it's tied with the PS3 and PSP (80-85) million units sold for all three.
If the Wii is entering the picture, then definitely. Can't argue there, though between the 360 and PS3, the 360 had the edge, which is why they thought they could make the decisions they did with the One and have their fanbase just roll with it using the momentum. That's where their overconfidence comes from.
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