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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

Well, I'm not talking about just being "physical". I'm referring to the plays where you see guys swinging at the head under the pretense of blocking a shot, or aggressive "bumping", pushing, delivering blows, before and after a player gets the ball.

When we had Shaq and he would make his spin move to the basket, if he made contact with a defender, that guy usually got bumped out of the lane. Now, if it is not an offensive foul and the lane is open after the bump, then so be it. If you are physically overmatched I don't think a team should be allowed to make up for that physical disadvantage by delivering more physical punishment just because "that dude is big".

LeBron's size and style of play is what it is and he should not be penalized for it as long as he is playing within the rules.
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