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Re: Sell me on Kes.

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I know the subject was teased out ages ago, but just having caught up on the reminder of the thread, let me add something on the Ocampan reproductive configuration. Perhaps it was only being bandied about with a facetious jocularity, but there was never even the slightest intimation that the female... er... receptacle and attendant structures were located on their backs, only their birthing sac, that itself was not present until the approach of Showtime.

While we can marvel about the infinite diversity possible in the variations of physigonomy of all those out there we can only eagerly look forward to someday encountering, the vision presented by quite a few of you here beggars my admittedly limited imagination!!

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You are eagerly looking forward to back vaginas?

While I only meant to suggest that their arrangement is most likely just like ours, save that one specialized appendage (the mucilage would have to be used very creatively otherwise), your response was a very helpful and instructive lesson for this beginner, Teacake.

If I am to survive, nay even keep my head above water amongst this crowd, I am going to have step up my game BIG TIME!!!!
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