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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

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Key to beating the heat: Make Lebron wear a teeshirt.
Harass him, hurt him, piss him off.

The problem is that Lebaby expects to ALL the calls, so he gets mad every time a foul is not called in his favor. During the regular season a team can rough him up a little and him throw off his game. (The Bulls are specialists at this strategy) However, during the playoffs, he is protected by the refs (to a criminal extent) and therefore is able to achieve "greatness".
I'm certainly no LeBron jocker but I don't like the idea of physically beating up on the league's best players because that is the only way a team can defend that player. My team has had more than it's share of the greatest of the great over the decades and that has been a common strategy for some of the lesser teams in the league.

The refs are there to protect all of the players equally, but I think what happens sometimes is that players (and fans) get frustrated at not being able to stop a player legally, so they resort to violence, then get even more frustrated and angry when the refs "take away our only weapon" and call them for fouls. The cry then becomes (sometmes), the refs are being over protective of "Joe Superstar".
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