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Re: Movies Seen In 2014

13. She's Out of My League: C
14. The Lego Movie: A
15. Whip It: B
16. Up in the Air: B
17. 300: Rise of an Empire: B+

I found this to be much more enjoyable than I originally thought it could be. I was expecting a full letter grade lower and was pleasantly surprised. I like how the movie's narrative functions as One Part Prequel, One Part Parallel to 300, One Part Sequel essentially in that order.

As noted by Captain Canada I agree that our Athenian hero of the Battle of Marathon, Themistocles isn't as charismatic and fun to watch as Leonidas. That is a big part of keeping it of 'A' grade range for me. Lena Heady's Queen Gorgo doesn't have as much screen time as I had hoped but Eva Green steals every scene she is in hands down.

I hadn't watched every trailer and closely followed production so nothing was ruined for me. A friend who did follow production and trailers closely said that marketing spoiled some things for him in case you are one who followed it closely.

A fun film that could have a sequel the way it's Box Office is going again. I'm not up on my Greek History of this era, would there be a story to follow up that uses some of these same characters?
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