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Re: Is Microsoft Planning To Dump Xbox?

Haggis and tatties wrote: View Post
I suppose it depends on just how much money the division is losing, although i thought xbox live gold subs alone were making the company a ton of money, assuming there are still a lot to people subscribing to it.

Yeah, that's puzzling. Considering as Robert points out how long they've been making XBoxes, and that the 360 dominated last generation, that they couldn't turn a profit with those subs. Maybe there were simply a lot of people with XBoxes that never bothered due to the polarizing nature of the paywall. And if it wasn't profitable for them, then why did they even go in a more restrictive nature with the One? It's puzzling that they couldn't after all this time, figure out something that would work for them.

Kaijufan wrote: View Post
Microsoft's Xbox Division (which actually is the entertainment division and includes other things as well like the Zune) has done extremely poorly for Microsoft and they've actually lost a ton of money on the division. I can't really blame the new CEO if he decides to sell the Xbox brand, though I have no idea if they'll actually do it.
And I think there lies part of the problem. Whatever kind of profit the XBox gave them likely was pulled down by some of the other failures in that division. It's unfortunate that they've been saddled by so many bad decisions.
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