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Re: Star Wars Sith-centric spinoff

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Nope, it just has to ''feel'' Star Wars and those CW episodes very much felt like SW.
The general public does not acre about CW. SW is a mass appeal concept--something the CW series did not share.

They are just playing it supersafe and hopefully they will only have just cameos. SW has such a huge pop culture recognition that even if the new movies would be set in a compeletly different era there would be a good chance for success.
Not with a Sith-centric film or TV series. The only reason anyone is even remotely interested in the new SW film is the return of the OT leads--the faces of the franchise. If the new film focused on more hollow, growling Sith characters (in the vein of the overrated, overexposed Darth Maul), there would be no mass appeal. The same with a TV series.
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