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Re: Warlord and the lesbian kiss

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If anyone balked, it was probably UPN. DS9 had previously had a really torrid and really controversial lesbian kiss in "Rejoined," but it was syndicated and thus not subject to as much censorship. And UPN had pretty much built its whole existence as a network around Voyager, so they were reluctant to take any real risks with it, which is why it so often tended to be a formulaic "TNG-lite" show rather than really taking advantage of its premise.

But that's just a semi-educated guess. We don't really know as much about the behind-the-scenes decisions on VGR and ENT as we do for the other series. The producers of those shows weren't as open about the process for some reason, and the Voyager Companion has virtually no discussion of the creative process or what went on behind the scenes.
By this time two women kissing on TV wasn't a risk, seeing how shows like "L.A. Law", "Picket Fences" & "Rosanne" did it 3 or 4 years before DS9. UPN not wanting to take risks as a network is horseshit. Anybody remember "The Secret Diary Of Desmond Pfhiffer"? "Shasta McNasty"? "The Parkers"?
I think it was due to the script not calling for it because they wanted to relay the point that power was more an Afrodisiac than his girl was. Not having them kiss shows he was pulling away. DS9 did it to relay just the opposite.
I don't think it's any more complex than that.
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