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Re: "Into Darkness" Nominated for 5 Saturn Awards

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As I said, Gravity has pretty much won its awards; I personally don't think that the academy behind the Saturns is going to give it more awards after Oscar rewarded it, but give it to something else just as prominent. That STID isn't as prominent as you'd like doesn't mean that the movie's not so for others.
Giving awards to a film simply because the "other" film won awards from different organizations is not a credible way of recognizing good work. It'd be like if the Academy Awards decided not to give the Best Song to "Let It Go" because song itself had won almost every other major award up to that point. That song didn't win because it won the other awards, it won because it deserved to win. What is it about Star Trek Into Darkness that makes it a more deserving film to win the Saturn awards over Gravity outside of the latter winning many awards already?
STID addressed a ton of recent concerns terrorism, revenge and blowback (in a blockbuster movie, no less!) and did it well enough to earn critical praise and a substantial amount of box office profits worldwide. I (and everybody else that's not a Trekfan trapped in Trekfan dogma about Gene Roddenberry's 'vision' of what Star Trek's supposed to be) would think that it has enough merit to win awards for script, direction, cinematography, and acting as much as the supposedly original Gravity merits them.
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