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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 89: Springing Forward

Who knew, even Vulcans can't help perving when a tight tushie goes by.

O'Brien: Julian, you lied to me again!
Bashir: What about this time Miles.
O'Brien: You said pin stripes would make me looks slimmer!

Sisko: What happened Doctor?
[O'Brien groans]
Bashir: Well we were in the holosuite...
Sisko: That's it, you're both banned from the holosuites, every time you go in there, one of you ends up hurt and Chief..
O'Brien [weakly]: Yessir.
Sisko: If you don't want to spend time with Keiko, just divorce her.

Bashir was so proud to be named mutant of the year.

Kai Winn: I give up, what noise does a prophet make when it farts.
Anjohl Tennan: Pah-wraith

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