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IDW: Ongoing #31: I, Enterprise (Reviews included)

As per the TrekToday Headlines, IDW's Star Trek Ongoing #31 is coming.

Readable pages for preview (need to scroll down; second one after My Little Pony):

Part 1 of an epic all-new 2-part adventure set within the continuity of the blockbuster Star Trek films! Captain Kirk and the crew have never faced a threat like the one they face now: their own ship!
This issue sheds some light on Science Officer 0718, a lieutenant only seen in STID and a GE commercial so far.

The available pages feature the recurring characters Keenser and security officer Zahra. Also, that might be the cute white-haired girl from STID Bones is treating there in the sickbay.
Meanwhile, Spock is playing the harp for Uhura. Is their relationship rekindling?

It looks like 0718 is an android rather than a cyborg.
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