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Re: "Prey," VOY, and TOS

I would agree some of those, but I would include Faces as just being a canned reflection of the character's core gimmick. And I would include Course: Oblivion as another example on the 'good' side.

The right way to write a character flaw is to have it interact naturally with the story you're writing. Create a scenario around just showing the audience something interesting, then decide how each character is going to respond to it. Don't contrive a scenario specifically around it, only to end the episode by reducing it to one speech that leads to a life changing personal revelation that is somehow completely forgotten the next time an episode addresses said flaw.

Latent Image is another case where the personal revelation is completely forgotten at the end of the episode, like in a sitcom.

Even in the episodes that weren't written lazily around directly exploiting character gimmicks, in most cases the characters come off as one dimensional, as if their only major personality trait is that one flaw they have.
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