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Re: Nova class; why such a low warp-speed?

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We Trek nerds would've had a field day if they'd actually used an Oberth. That would've been AWESOME and fit right in with the story too.

Yep, it'd have been the one time in TNG-era history that using an Oberth would have made sense.
Well, it also makes sense that Starfleet would have a new science vessel design by then too.
During preproduction for TNG, the only Starfleet vessel model built was the 6-foot and 2-foot Enterprise-D. They didn't want to spend the money to build more because a) they didn't know how long the show would last, and b) they had the four movie models to use. However, I wish they had had the foresight to build two more newer ships (one to act as the "ferry" that the Excelsior was always doing), and one to be the little science vessel that always got into trouble and needed the Ent-D to rescue it.
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