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Re: Why do people judge gamers?

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^ I was going to say, the OP's "people" are in the process of quite literally dying out.
Not really when you have contact with the polar opposite, i.e. people who have a very active, i.e. much sports lifestyle and are generally outdoor people.

Now it always depends on the character of the person but i've met plenty of people who think gaming is for kids, nerds and basement dwellers and they look down on such people because their lifestyle is the one and only true lifestyle and everybody should be doing it.

However the general attitude has changed tremendously since i've been a kid 30 years ago and the computer/console scene was in its infancy in the early 80s.

Having a computer back then, even if it were only a C64 and knowing how it worked besides loading up games put you immediately in the nerd category.

It only started to change with Nintendo consoles and finally the barrier broke when the Playstation and later on the Xbox broke the barrier.

Now even so called jocks and everybody else sat down once in a while to play some Halo, Call of Duty or some of the million sports games available so it became socially more acceptable and on top of it regularly beats Hollywood in revenue by a large margin now.

So the time is thankfully over when you get strange looks once people see some consoles or computers at your place.
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