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Re: What did the Enterprise-C look like in the real TNG universe?

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Again, Guinan is not a superior Starfleet officer but Picard's friend. There's no record or hint in the series that she handles things from a military perspective and her message and sour face ("sorry to be the one having to tell you this") clearly suggests that in yet another (unseen) parallel time line or universe Picard did "send" Tasha to the past and therefore "is responsible" according to the undersatanding of normal people.
Well, thanks for the thinly veiled insult that I'm not a "normal" person, but I continue to not take that particular dialogue exchange in the same manner that you have.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
The series was not made so that for the decades to follow we'll twist every bit of dialogue out of the original context which general audiences were enabled to understand.
It seems to me like that's what you're doing, though.

Start Wreck wrote: View Post
Why is it preferable to retcon Andrew Probert's Enterprise-C design on the conference lounge wall as non-canon? (by insisting the Sternbach design is the only one "real" in our universe) It's been there for four seasons of TNG, prominently displayed above the actors and captured in many scenes.
The model is canon, because it exists on screen. But it's still just a model. We've seen the Enterprise-C for real on screen, and it looks different. Therefore, out of the two possible explanations (the model is inaccurate or the ship is from a different universe where it was created in a different shape), I'm going for the simpler one, as Occam's Razor would demand.
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