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Re: Shaky-cam in space / Visual effects shots

I'm not a fan of a lot of the Enterprise shots in the JJ films, whilst some are truly excellent - the Saturn rising, and the 'veering to the left space dock' sequence that someone mentioned earlier, and a couple of others, I've felt that some of the key moments have been spoiled by being too short or odd camera angles.

The warp chase in STID - brilliant scene with truly amazing sound effects, spoiled by being over before you had chance to even soak it up properly, would have been much better if the Enterprise tried to increase speed or fire back.

All the space confrontation scenes in STID suffer from this - the first appearance if the Vengeance, I've watched it over and over and I can barely figure out what's going on, then we get this distant 'head to head' shot, no happy medium. Same goes for when the ship attacks for the second time - the scenes are way too quick and again, I cannot make out what is going on, I found it to be one of my biggest gripes with the movie (which I do like by the way).

This is why I enjoy the battles in TWOK and Nemesis much more
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