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Re: Recycling actors for "Enterprise".

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The OP specifically mentioned Spiner at the end of paragraph 2.
And why shouldn't Brent count? The OP didn't give a reason, just said Brent doesn't count.
Because in that case, the resemblance was INTENTIONAL. It was clear that Arik Soong was meant to be an ancestor of Noonien Soong.

Conversely, the character that Rene Auberjonois played wasn't at all intended to have any connection to Odo. The Ferengi that Ethan Phillips played wasn't intended to have any connection to Neelix.

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here's a number of familiar faces to come. The Vissian Captain in "Cogenitor" should look rather familiar to you. .
And the Vissian engineer's actor appeared in an episode of DS9 & VOY.
Yeah, but he's not nearly as recognizable as the captain is, both for his previous Trek and non-Trek work.
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