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Re: Some observations on Search

"Goddess of Destruction," at one point, handles cutting Grover off from Probe Control extremely well: an Indian mob boss has his scanner confiscated ("We'll mail it back to you, after you've left India") and his dental contact damaged (evidently rather painfully), leaving him able to hear, but not respond.

On the other hand, it still suffers from Grover being jumped by attackers whom Probe Control should have seen coming (not that that didn't happen early-on), and suffers from the additional problem of poor casting: Canadian John Vernon as a Brit who can't seem to even convincingly fake a British accent, and Alfred Ryder, Reggie ("Shras") Nalder, Anjanette Comer, Jose De Vega, and Trinidadian-born Ken Renard, all playing characters supposedly from India, or of at least partial Indian ancestry (like having Ricardo Montalban or Benedict Cumberbatch play a certain well-known genetically engineered Sikh was bad enough?)
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