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Re: Why do people judge gamers?

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Video games have that aspect that you are playing them alone. Even if you do online multiplaying, you are sitting alone in a room. Movies and TV shows have a different image. You watch stuff together.

But everyone plays video games. And games are the next big storytelling medium, TV and movies will die sooner or later.
You see games replacing TV/movies as the most popular storytelling medium? I love games, but the stories that make good games are different than the kinds of stories that make good tv/movies.

Video games are inherently more social than TV and film. Even when you're watching a film with somebody you're sitting silently staring at the screen. The exception, of course, being when you're watching bad movies to collectively make wisecracks about them. But video games have local multiplayer options both coop and versus. Men bond over video games, I know parents who bond with their children over video games. Some video games are not social, but the medium is inherently very social.
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