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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 89: Springing Forward

VULCAN: This is my human impression. Ooh ooh, ahh ahh!

BASHIR: I know everything about baseball, I studied it in 20th century Earth history. So, how do you score a touchdown?

SISKO: Doctor, what happened to the Chief?
O'BRIEN: I insulted Keiko's plants.
SISKO: And Keiko did this?
BASHIR: No. The plant did it!

SLOANE: Careful Doctor. You're about to ruin my unnecessarily complicated plot which relies on several unrelated things going exactly the way I expect them to in a busy place with dozens of unpredictable random elements.
BASHIR: You're alive how?

WINN: Come to think of it. You look familiar. Were you at the Karatite Labor Camp?
DUKAT: *laughs hysterically*
WINN: What?
DUKAT: I'll tell you later.
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