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Re: Why do people judge gamers?

In countries like Japan, video games are considered something you give up when you take on adult responsibilities.

It's only recently that in the US it became socially acceptable for adults to play a lot of video games, and people who don't play video games still associate them with manchildren who live in their parents' basement. In reality, lots of people with good jobs and families are still playing into adulthood. Just, in the 1980s when the older gamers started gaming, the games they played were designed explicitly for children, so it's hard for people older than that to unlearn that association.

Also you don't get a lot of portrayal of casual gamers in the media. Most gamers you see and hear about are the 8 hour a day MMO junkies. In reality most gamers fall more in the 5-10 hour a week, not interfering with social, family, or work responsibilities category. But the public face of gamers is the WoW episode of South Park and Big Bang Theory.
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