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Re: Who was the best Vulcan guest character on Enterprise?

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I don't want to imply that all Vulcans on the show were excessively emotional. Gary Graham, Thomas Kopache, Gregory Itzin, and Kara Zediker were all good at playing traditional Vulcans. Jolene Blalock was good at it too, for the most part, though they were clearly interested in making her more emotional for much of the series.

It's interesting that you bring up the shows guest actors being subjected to heavy make-up, since most of them had played such roles on previous Trek series.
Oh, I disagree. On ENT, the only Vulcan that was played with any emotional restraint was Koss. This was counterpointed by Koss' illogical refusal to cut T'Pol loose, despite her every rejection. It's like the ENT writers wanted to deconstruct Vulcans, didn't like Vulcans and made every effort to reinvent Vulcans in this new series. Whilst I love Kara's performance, her T'Pau is not emotional in the sort of TV housewife way. But she definitely emotes too much, particularly when under pressure. When encountering Surak's katra, again, she was emotional with her sustained surprise, over what was logical and obvious to all but the roaming sehlat. Nevertheless, Vulcan is a cool setting, which no-doubt is why ENT liked going there. And it was nice to see Zora from Blade Runner in something - after all who else could be believable as T'Pol's mom, right?
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