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Kirk is imperfect, in any timeline,
Meh, there's imperfect and imperfect. TOS Kirk had a believable skillset for a Starship Captain, perfect or not. (And TWOK Kirk's errors came from rustiness*.)

NuTrek Kirk does have a believable skillset and make believable errors for an inexperienced officer. But he doesn't have a believable skillset for a Starship Captain. He's crafted this way, that's his arc in STiD: he starts out being unable to admit error or accept the qualities and judgments of his fellow officers (major gaps in a Starship Captain's character), and by the end of the film learns to do so.

The only thing about that picture that really doesn't make sense is why he's Captain of a Starship in the first place. It's a hard question to avoid when the whole character arc is built around his not having the qualities of a Captain.

Oh, and:

and no movie can survive a hostile reviewing.
"Hostile reviewing"? I've gone out of my way to be fair in my assessment of NuTrek's elements whether I particularly like them or not, so I'll thank you to knock this kind of nonsense off.
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