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Re: So I have FINALLY started watching Enterprise... love it so far!!

So two more episodes down - "Acquisition" and "Oasis".

Let's start with the latter first - ugh. A big disappointment, and what a waste of Auberjonois. I do recognise that with so much Trek/sci-fi in general, themes are going to be repeated over time... but this episode was SO much like the DS9 episode "Shadowplay" (I thought maybe they'd have a different ending but no... we get the "they're happy to be with holograms and that's how they'll stay") I couldn't really enjoy it. The fact that the guy who played Odo - who had a significant part in "Shadowplay" - featured just reinforced the similarities.

As always, Trip Tucker was good in it, and I liked the scene where they opened the escape pod and found the dead guy... but yeah. Not good.

As for "Acquisition"... I can't really find it in me to get hung up over "Trek continuity" (it's all made up, after all) but I did find myself wondering how this jived with all the mystery over the Ferengi in early TNG. I know they never mentioned they were Ferengi, but there'd be video logs of them around the ship etc... I am sure somebody looking at historical records would've pieced it together.

Having said all that, the episode itself was kind of fun. Archer playing the one Ferengi was good. Trip and T'Pol also had some good moments. I do get a little uncomfortable when the whole "Ferengi love sexy women as slaves" thing comes up... almost as if I'm gaining an insight into the writer's mind that I'd rather not have - I'm sure that's not the case though!

Ultimately, after being so enthused about the show thus far, I think "Oasis" is my new low-point (just beating "Terra Prime"). Hopefully the next episode will be good again.
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